Doz' Blog APT pictures

Weather satellite pictures from Evesham and Malvern, Worcestershire and Cheltenham and Gloucester, Gloucestershire Groundstations

Doz' Blog automated APT Ground station pictures.

Welcome. This little annex to the main website is updated automatically from four automated APT groundstations. Located in Evesham and Malvern, Worcestershire, and in Cheltenham and Gloucester, Gloucestershire.

The Evesham hardware is owned by me, and is located in the Raycom building. It's Raspberry Pi Zero and RTL-SDR, and fed from a discone antenna on the roof. The antenna is shielded to the north by the pitch of the roof. It's overhead responce isn't great either. This station will be offline when the discone antenna is being used for other tasks.

The Cheltenham hardware is also owned by me, and is a Raspberry Pi 3, again with an RTL-SDR and V-dipole antenna, with a in built pre-amplifier.

The Malvern hardware is owned by Andy and is a Windows 10 PC, again with an RTL-SDR, running wxtoimg and orbitron and superb crossed-dipoles.

The Gloucester hardware is owned by Ben, and it's a Raspberry P Zero, again with an RTL-SDR and V-dipole antenna, without pre-amp at present, but the receiver is mounted a short distance away from the antenna, which is roof mounted.

Gloucester hardware is currently unavailable.


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